Wholesale Soup pricing

$30 per gallon – non premium


$35 per gallon – premium (such as: corn chowder, lobster bisque)


Soups are sold by 1gallon increments only. 


Normally soups are kept seasonal and chosen randomly to go to wholesale customers.  We try to keep a mix of soups, for example, if 4 gallons are ordered, at least half will be vegetarian, and half could be a tomato base while the other half would be a stock or cream base. 


Soups are good for 5-7 days after received.  Soups can be frozen by you, but will always be fresh when delivered.


Specialty, unique, or proprietary soups can be worked out on a per customer basis.  Additional costs, or one time recipe development fees, could apply.


Delivery is available for a small fee of $5, if you are within our delivery area.  If you are already receiving deliveries from Circle City Sweets/Boulangerie, there would not be an additional delivery fee as long as soup is received with a previously established delivery.


If interested, please contact Angela Osborn at angela@circlecitysoups.com or 317-632-3644.